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The Temporary Girl

Bentley Rumble
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The Tricentennial of Australia

A world ravaged by climate change, civil wars and a highly contagious virus has led to the privatisation of Australia's overwhelmed immigration system, with a US multinational now running the Temporary Detention Facilities that house thousands of unwelcome refugees.

Time is running out for the Akhtars. After two years in detention, thirteen year old Aqeela, her younger sister Dupi and their father Ziaur are facing deportation back to war-torn Bangladesh. Temporary Detention Facilities are dangerous places, with the sex trafficking of children routinely overlooked by the Rangers responsible for maintaining law and order. And the increasingly desperate Ziaur has become a user of slash, a drug as deadly as it is addictive.

The only person Aqeela can turn to for help is Nathan Fong-Kingsley, a local boy with a genius IQ. Can Nathan get them the weapon they need to defend themselves from their would-be abductors? Is he prepared to risk everything that matters to him — a college scholarship, his mother's job, their friendship with the Ranger who was on duty with his father the night he was killed — to save a family of strangers?

THE TEMPORARY GIRL presents a gripping vision of a future Australia, a country that prides itself on offering everybody "a fair go" as long as they're not a refugee.


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The Temporary Girl

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