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Blues for Eddie Clay

Bentley Rumble
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'The only safe place for a citizen to be is the place where Mister Gray ain't at.'

The United States Infantry, 1944

An ailing black jazz musician, drafted by mistake into an army he's physically and emotionally incapable of serving

A young Italian-American Corporal committed to saving his childhood hero from the cruelty of his fellow noncoms and the callous indifference of their new commanding officer

A battle hardened Drill Sergeant trying to live with a secret that's slowly destroying him

Blues for Eddie Clay

is a haunting tale of brutality and courage, friendship and despair told in the individual voices of the men themselves, set in a time when American values were being tested on the homefront every bit as savagely as they were being tested on the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific


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Blues for Eddie Clay

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